Những tính từ mô tả diện mạo con người trong tiếng Anh, A List of English adjectives that are used for describing people's looks and appearance

attractive /ətræktiv/ a person who is good looking. (male or female) thu hút, hấp dẫn, lôi cuốn, quyến rũ
Demi Moore is a very attractive woman.
bald /bɔ:ld/ a person who has no hair. Some bald people shave their heads. hói, trọc
The male actor Bruce Willis is bald. He has a shaved head.
beautiful /bju:təful/ a person who is extremely good looking (mainly used to describe women). đẹp
The American singer Beyonce is very beautiful.
blonde /blɔnd/ a person who has yellow hair. cô gái tóc hoe, cô gái tóc vàng
The American celebrity Paris Hilton has blonde hair.
chubby /tʃʌbi/ a polite way of describing someone who is a bit overweight. mũm mĩm, mập mạp, phinh phính (má)
Russell Crowe is looking a bit chubby lately, isn't he?
curvy /'kə:vi/ a woman with a large bust, broad hips and a small waist. có thân hình hấp dẫn, cong
Katie Price is very curvy.
fat /fæt/ a very negative way to describe someone who is overweight (very rude and a bit insulting!). béo, mập, mũm mĩm
Kirstie Alley starred in the American sitcom "Fat Actress".
fit /fit/ (1) someone who gets a lot of exercise and is very healthy. (2) A very attractive person. cân đối, mạnh khoẻ, sung sức
(1) David Beckham is physically fit.
(2) David Beckham is fit!
flabby /flæbi/ Used to describe someone who does not get much exercise, with poor muscle tone. yếu, mềm yếu
I was looking a bit flabby, so I've joined a gym.
gorgeous /gɔ:dʤəs/ very attractive (used to describe men and women). tuyệt đẹp, lộng lẫy
I think Johnny Depp is gorgeous!
handsome /hænsəm/ a man who is extremely good looking. đẹp trai
Brad Pitt is very handsome.
large /lɑ:dʤ/ someone who is overweight (neutral). to con, to lớn (ngoại cỡ)
Fashionable clothes for large women can be hard to find.
muscular /mʌskjulə/ someone who is very toned and has well defined muscles. cơ bắp
Madonna is quite muscular for a woman. Her arms are very toned.
obese /oubi:s/ used to describe someone who is very fat (impolite). béo phì
Being obese is bad for your health.
ordinary /ɔ:dnri/ somebody who is very plain; not beautiful. bình thường
Susan Boyle looks very ordinary, but she has an amazing voice.
plain /plein/ somebody who is very ordinary-looking. giản dị, mộc, xấu, thô (cô gái...)
Some models look very plain when they take off their make-up.
plump /plʌmp/ a tactful way of describing someone who is overweight (mainly British English). tròn trĩnh, phúng phính
The plump British actress Dawn French is a brunette.
presentable /prizentəbl/ another way of saying someone looks smart. thông minh
If you want to get ahead in your job, you need to look presentable
redhead /'redhed/ a person with orange hair. tóc hoe đỏ
Nicole Kidman is a redhead.
scruffy /skə:fi/ used to describe someone whose appearance is very untidy. bẩn thỉu, lôi thôi lếch thếch
Pete Docherty is very scruffy.
shapely /'∫eipli/ a curvy woman with a small waist. có hình dáng đẹp; có hình dáng quyến rũ; cân đố
Kylie Minogue is very shapely.
short /ʃɔ:t/ used to describe someone who isn't very tall. lùn
American actor Tom Cruise is fairly short.
skinny /'skini/ used to describe someone who is very thin (impolite). gầy nhom, gầy trơ xương, rất gầy
Many fashion models are way too skinny.
slender /'slendə/ used to describe a thin person who looks healthy. mảnh khảnh, mảnh dẻ, mảnh mai
Actress Julia Roberts is very slender.
smart /smɑ:t/ used to describe someone who takes a lot of care over their appearance. nhanh trí, tinh ranh, khéo léo, tài tình, tỏ ra có trí thông minh
It is important to look smart if you want to make a good impression.
stocky /'stɔki/ someone who is broad and not very tall. Mainly used to describe men. bè bè, chắc nịch (người có bề ngoài trông thấp, khoẻ và chắc)
Simon Cowell is quite short, with dark hair and a stocky build.
tall /tɔ:l/ used to describe someone who is above average height. cao
American actor Ashton Kucher is very tall.
tattooed /tə'tu:/ used to describe someone who has tattoos. xăm trổ
Amy Winehouse has a lot of tattoos.
thin /θin/ used to describe someone who weighs less than the average person (impolite!). mảnh dẻ, mảnh khảnh, gầy, không có nhiều thịt
Victoria Beckham is very thin.
unkempt /ʌn'kempt/ used to describe someone who looks scruffy and does not take care of their appearance. không được giữ gọn gàng, không được giữ ngăn nắp; trông có vẻ nhếch nhác, trông có vẻ lôi thôi lếch thếch, trông có vẻ cẩu thả
Amy Winehouse sometimes looks unkempt in photographs.
well-built /'wel'bilt/ someone whose body shape or size is bigger than the average person. lực lưỡng, cường tráng
Arnold Schwarzenegger is well-built.

Important note: be careful using negative adjectives when commenting on a person's appearance, as some people may be very offended by them! In most situations it is safer to use a neutral or positive adjective (for example slender instead of thin, large instead of fat).

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